Kitchen faucet filter*

The kitchen faucet filter removes e.g. chlorine and heavy metals from potable water. One cartridge enables you to filter 750 litres of water (replacement interval every 3 months). 

Turning the operating mode switch enables you to select whether the water comes from the filter or directly from the faucet. 

No more carrying water from the shop! 

Faucet filter starter kit: 

- EUR 29.80 

Replacement cartridges, 2 pcs: 

- EUR 29.80.

Faucet filters are easy to install. 

Installation EUR 5 and delivery EUR 6. 

Free shipping for orders over EUR 50. Delivered to your doorstep in Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa. 

Removes from water:

  • Antibiotic and hormone residues
  • Pesticides: 95%
  • Petrochemicals 98%
  • Heavy metals: 98%
  • Phenols 99%
  • Chlorine 100%

29.80 €
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