Kitchen faucet filter*

The kitchen faucet filter removes e.g. chlorine and heavy metals from potable water. One cartridge enables you to filter 750 litres of water (replacement interval every 3 months). 

Turning the operating mode switch enables you to select whether the water comes from the filter or directly from the faucet. 

No more carrying water from the shop! 

Replacement cartridges, 1 pcs: 

- EUR 19.90.

Faucet filters are easy to install. 

Free shipping for orders over EUR 50. Delivered to your doorstep in Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa. 

Removes from water:

  • Antibiotic and hormone residues
  • Pesticides: 95%
  • Petrochemicals 98%
  • Heavy metals: 98%
  • Phenols 99%
  • Chlorine 100%

39.90 €